The game is back! AGAIN! This is the second fan-made reboot of Restaurant City (unsure if it's the same people that made Restaurant City 2016/Restaurant Express). The game now runs off of a third party website at

New FeaturesEdit

There's too many changes throughout the years to list them all here, but here are some of the more notable ones:

  • Employees have reverted back to the "Energy" model of working, instead of time or wages (as seen in RC)
  • Floating Crystal has been changed to the Soaring Crystal, which benefits trash instead of popularity
  • You are able to add someone on RS without having to 'friend' them on FB
  • Developers were promising that there would be a mobile app version releasing September 2019, Though they have now changed the release date to January 2020.
    • There is some skepticism that they've just run off with our donations... :'( Fingers crossed they're still with us!

Minor/detailed changes will be included in their respective sub-articles.

Old Features that are MissingEdit


The part that everyone loves; OG Restaurant City:

  • Herb garden is not available yet (updated Nov 2019)
  • You cannot clear empty dishes for your waiter by clicking on them (updated Nov 2019)
  • Catastrophes have not returned to friends' restaurants (updated Nov 2019)
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