Popularity determines how many customers visit your restaurant. As the number increases, more customers will visit the restaurant. Popularity is displayed in the top right corner of the game screen.

The maximum number of popularity points possible without extra items is initially 50, but increases upon reaching certain levels. At level 80 the maximum base popularity is 88.0; at level 85 the maximum base popularity is 89.0 and at level 90 the maximum base popularity is 90.0.

Certain functional items can increase this maximum number:

Item Popularity boost Boost Condition Availability
Level 90 90
3 Million Fan Statue 1 Free gift for fans, given on January 13, 2010 on Restaurant City Fan Page
Washington Monument 1 In store
Egyptian Obelisk 2 In store
Reindeer 2 Until January 4, 2010
Statue of Poseidon 2 Until June 13, 2011
Onyx Obelisk 2.5 In store
Splash Print 0.5 Found in Magic Boxes (July 2010)
Drowning Print 0.5 Found in Magic Boxes (July 2010)
Target Print 0.5 Found in Magic Boxes (July 2010)
Whaam! Print 0.5 Found in Magic Boxes (July 2010)
Maggie Monroe Print 0.5 Found in Magic Boxes (July 2010)
Soup - Pop Art Print Series 0.5 Until January 17, 2011
Dazzling Oasis 1 Until September 15, 2010
Glorious Fountain 1 Reward for mastering Duck Confit
Eiffel Tower 2 In store
Vintage Rocket Ride 1 Until December 9, 2010
Escape Helicopter 1 Until October 25, 2010
Trick or Treat Monster House 3 Reward for completing the 3 figurine series in Halloween Mystery Boxes (Halloween 2010)
Daft Lunch - Superstar DJs 3 Until December 31, 2010
Magic Staircase 1 In store
Mayan Temple 1 Reward for mastering Chili Chocolate Chicken
Solid Gold Statue of Cookery 1 Found in Golden Boxes (December 2010)
Karaoke Bar 2 When Resolut Cocoa and Singapore Fling are mastered Reward for mastering Shirley Temple
Exquisite Bridge Centrepiece 3 Reward for mastering Chicken Adobo, Nasi Lemak, Stinky Tofu and Tom Yung Kung, until February 22, 2011
Tomato Fighter Xabier, Tomato Fighter Raquel and Tomato Fighter Pedro 1 When all 3 Tomato Fighters are gathered In store
Van Dough Starry Night Painting 0.5 Until April 12, 2011
Pizzeria Salad Stand 1 When Pizza Capricciosa and Affettati are mastered Until April 19, 2011
Captivating Inventions 1.5 Until April 19, 2011
Hot Dog Arcade 1 Until April 17, 2011
Smoothie Station 1 When Detox Delight is mastered Free
Forest Run Cycling Machine, Forest Run Treadmill Arcade and Forest Run Fitness Arcade 2 When all Forest Run set is gathered Until May 16, 2011
Solar-Powered Stove 1 Until May 23, 2011
Bounty® Tower


Until July 5, 2011

NO pop value after 2011-07-05 !!!

Free gift for fans, given on Bounty Fan Page
Chatty TV Host 1 Until August 9, 2011
Mardi Gras Float 1 In store
Rodeo Arcade 1 Until July 28, 2011, BBQ Challenge reward
Epic Gourmet King Statue 2 In store
Gourmet BBQ Grill 1.5 When Ultimate Potato Salad is mastered Free
Sydney Opera House 2

Until August 15, 2011, Steak Master Adventure reward

Cooking Host Mary 1 Until Sept.22, 2011, reward for completing the Maggie Show challenge
Fruits Queen Maggie 1 (turns customers into fruit) Until Oct. 2, 2011, price: 14 PFC
Maid Bot 2 Free (Challenge)
Candy Shop 2 when all recipes are mastered Free (last recipe availabe as from 15.11.2011)
Hidden Treasure 1 reward for challenge or in store until Dec. 22, 2011 (25 CC)
RC Weather Vane 1 in store (75.000) from 1st to 15.03.2012
Air Dancer 1 reward for challenge

free (challenge) or in store for 9 CC until March 22, 2012

Magic Geek Ball 1 in store for sale (14 CC) until Mar 26, 2012
Disastrous Trolley Car 1 in store for sale (16 CC) until April 12, 2012
Monster Incubator 1 in store for sale (16 CC) until May 3, 2012
Armillary Sphere 1 in store for 35.000 until April 26, 2012
Party Bear 1

reward for mastering goodbye party dishes available from 1st May 2012 until end of game

Restaurant City will be discontinued on the 29th June 2012Edit

With all of these items, the maximum possible popularity can increase to 155.

In order to earn higher popularity, you must have a satisfied customer. To do so, you must make sure the customer has a seat, a clean table, and gets their food, before they leave of impatience. Make sure you have enough employees to accommodate your customer flow.

For every satisfied customer, 0.1 point is added to the restaurant's popularity. For every unsatisfied customer, 0.1 point is deducted. After your customer has eaten they may want to use the toilet. If there is a toilet available (i.e. one that doesn't need cleaning) customers will walk at random to them and use them. If this happens another 0.1 is added to your popularity rating.