Add Cash

Playfish Cash is a former currency used in every Playfish game. Like coins and Cooking Cash, it allowed players to pay for items or ingredients in game. As for Cooking Cash, Playfish Cash could only be obtained using real money.

In order to align with Facebook Credit policies, Playfish replaced Playfish Cash with game-specific currencies on April 19, 2011. Any player having Playfish Cash left this day was able to convert it to any of these new currencies.

The game-specific currencies introduced during this transition are:

  • Cooking Cash in Restaurant City,
  • Pet Society Cash in Pet Society,
  • Country Cash in Country Story,
  • Hotel Cash in Hotel City,
  • Football Cash in EA SPORTS Madden NFL Superstars,
  • Empire Cash in My Empire,
  • and Superstars Cash in EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars.