Plot Time

The top line is watered time and the bottom line is growth time.

At level 6, you will gain the option of starting your own garden. Garden plots are the cheapest production of herb and leaf ingredients that you may need.

How to Garden 1. After unlocking a plot, plant a seed by clicking on the available slot. Planting a seed costs 2000 coins.


Plant a seed for 2000 coins.

2. When the seed is planted, you must water it to allow it to continue to grow.

  • Each click adds nine (max) hours to its watered time.
  • If you do not water your seed, then it will stay in the state of growth that it is in after drying out. Partially grown plants will not wither and die.
  • You cannot choose what type of ingredient you would like to grow. The ingredient is totally random, and anything listed is possible.

Plot Phases: Dried out; 0-3 hours left; 3-6 hours left; 6-9 hours left.

3. After 48 hours of watered growth time (plus any dried-out time), you will have a sparkly plant. Click the plant to harvest it and obtain one ingredient. Fully grown plants will not wither and die.


Harvest the sparkling plant.

Harvestable IngredientsEdit

The following items can be harvested:

Final StagesEdit

Every plant has a different look when it is growing. The following images are samples of each plant, which may be the mid-stage look or final look.



There are three awards associated with harvesting plants, depicted by a watering can:

Harvest 10 plants
Harvest 50 plants
Harvest 200 plants