Friends are the people on your Facebook friends list. You can request these people to be your neighbors in Restaurant City, which allows you to visit their restaurants, assist them with catastrophes, water their garden, gift items, and trade ingredients. Helping out at your friends' restaurants is a good way of earning money and Gourmet Points. Note that the first visit to each of your friends will give you a free ingredient.

You might also hire some of your friends as your employees, even if they are not playing Restaurant City. If your friend does play Restaurant City and you have employed them, you can click on them and visit their restaurant straight away, by clicking on the restaurant sign in the top-left corner of their profile.

When you are watching customers come and go, the ones with red rings around their feet are in your Facebook Friend list. You can roll your mouse over them to show their profile photo. Even friends that are not playing Restaurant City will show up to eat in your restaurant. If a friend who doesn't play Restaurant City walks into your restaurant, you can click on them to invite them to play.

Help FriendsEdit

If you are neighbors with your friends, you can visit their restaurant. Once per day, you can assist them with a catastrophe that has befallen their workplace.

Catastrophes include:

  • Sleeping bear scaring away customers
  • Penguins stealing all the fish
  • Fires burning the place down
  • Water pipes burst, flooding the place
  • Monster mushrooms taking over their garden
  • Skunks putting people off their food

The first and second neighbors you help give you 500 coins and 100 Gourmet Points. The third, fourth, and fifth neighbors give you 250 coins and 100 Gourmet Points. Every neighbor after the fifth neighbor will allow you 50 coins and 50 Gourmet Points. You can only assist each neighbor once every 24 hours.


There are three awards associated with visiting friends' restaurants, depicted by two statues holding hands:

Visit 100 friends
Familiar Face
Visit 1000 friends
Visit 10000 friends

There are three awards associated with assisting friends with catastrophes, depicted by a hand on a pedestal with a stopwatch beside it (not available yet in Restaurant Streets):

A Friend Indeed
Help 50 friends
Search and Rescue
Help 250 friends
Aide of Honor
Help 1000 friends

There are three awards associated with trading items with friends, depicted by a basket of ingredients on a stand:

Barter Buddy
Trade 50 ingredients
Sales Sage
Trade 100 ingredients
Trading Expert
Trade 5000 ingredients

There are three awards associated with gifting items, depicted by a present on a pedestal (not available yet in Restaurant Streets):

Charitable Chum
Gift 50 items
Generous Gifter
Gift 500 items
Santa Claus
Gift 5000 items
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