The exterior of the restaurant is completely decorative, with nothing serving a purpose for improving your experience or coin gain.

Unlike the interior of the restaurant, the exterior is 2D, showing only the restaurant's face. The size of exterior can be expanded with coins, by applying bigger building "bodies". There is no need to buy each successively larger body; if you have enough coins for it, you can go from the smallest to the largest body in one step. Al though, more customers will be attracted to your restaurant by having a bigger body. Also, if you have enough coins, you can buy the decorations and give your restaurant a nice atmosphere. Customers will stop by to check out your restaurant if you have a number of decorations advertising your restaurant.

The name of the restaurant can be changed if there is a banner.


Exterior decorations are items which are used to decorate the exterior of the restaurant. There are currently 9 categories in exterior decorations: Body, Roof, Door, Window, Tile, Banner, Wall Decoration, Street Decoration, and Functional.


There are three awards associated with buying exterior items, depicted by a tiny building on a painted pedestal:

DIY Expert
Buy 10 outdoor items
Exterior Decorator
Buy 200 outdoor items
Grand Architect
Buy 500 outdoor items

There are three awards associated with gifting items, depicted by a present on a pedestal:

Charitable Chum
Gift 50 items
Generous Gifter
Gift 500 items
Santa Claus
Gift 5000 items


The decorations on the exterior do not affect the interior in any way. The size of the exterior does not have to match the size of the interior, nor do the doors and windows have to be in the same place.

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