Employees are NPCs who work in a restaurant. A worker can do 4 different types of jobs:

  • cooking (chef),
  • serving and cleaning (waiter),
  • picking up trash, fixing toilets, fixing slot machines, and fixing arcade machines (janitor),
  • or working for the Lounge Bar (bartender).

A player can hire his or her friends to become their restaurant's employees. Employees can also be fired, but the player must pay the employee 200 coins as severance pay.

The current maximum amount of workers allowed in a restaurant is 10. However this number can be increased:

Currently, the energy system no longer applies. To open restaurant doors, employees must be paid. They can work up to 24 hours (12 hours for players who didn't provide their email address) but the longer they work the more expensive it is. Rates are based on the length of shifts(The length of time our employees work), how many employees are working and what is the current popularity of the restaurant. Note that in Restaurant City's early stages, employees were working differently from now, requiring energy.

By default, a male employee's attire is a blue Playfish shirt and the default blue pants. A female employee's default attire is a pink Playfish shirt and pink skirt. If the player's friend also plays Restaurant City and has customized their attire, their custom attire will show.

Employees can be given a uniform, which allows the player to customize the attire of employees, whether they have the default attire or customized by their own player. To give them a uniform, click on their avatar in the game window or their name plate at the bottom of the window. In the window that pops up is an icon labelled 'uniform.' Changing an employee's uniform costs coins.


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