Coins are one of two ways to buy items in Restaurant City. The other way is by Cooking Cash.

Obtaining CoinsEdit


Add Coins

You earn coins from serving customers at your restaurant. After a customer finishes a dish and a waiter clears the plate, 2 coins will be obtained, regardless of the level of the dish served. You do not need to be in your own restaurant to earn money.

You can also earn coins by picking up trash, watering others' (not your own) Garden Plots with fewer than 6 hours' watered time left, visting your friend's restaurants, and clicking on trees to 'bump' them. Coins will also be awarded each time you reach a new level. As well, you earn one coin each time someone plays an arcade game or drops a coin in the wishing well. Note that arcade games occasionally break and require a Janitor to fix them.

Alternatively, coins can be purchased by clicking on the "Add coins!" button. Any coins you purchase arrives in a bag in your mailbox. Some transactions can take a little while to go through, depending on a number of factors. Be patient if you do not receive your coins straight away.


There are three awards associated with spending coins, depicted by a coin on a pedestal:

Spending Spree
Spend 2000 coins
Spend 20000 coins
Big Spender
Spend 200000 coins
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