Name Apple
Rarity 3
Number needed 250
Date of release April 28, 2009

An apple is an ingredient. Its rarity is rated 3 out of 5 in the game. It was released on April 28, 2009.


As any ingredient, it is used for unlocking and improving recipes. It is required in the following recipes:

Course Recipe
Starter Poison Apple Salad (x2)
Starter Rainbow Salad
Starter Waldorf Salad
Main Fondue Set
Main Healthy Breakfast
Main Pork and Apple Chops
Dessert 10 Pin Apple Pie (x2)
Dessert Apple and Peach Bonbons (x2)
Dessert Apple Crumble
Dessert Apple Pie
Dessert Apple Tartin
Dessert Dutch Apple Berry Pie
Dessert Eat Me
Dessert Fruit Selection
Dessert Mince Pie
Dessert Red and Green Laces
Drink Apple Crush
Drink Applegrass Juice (x2)
Drink Pilgrim's Harvest
Drink Very Berry Crush

Thus, to complete all ten levels of all recipes, one needs 250 specimens of this ingredient.

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